How we work

Fintech Excellence is what drives us. We are passionate about building digital ecosystems for the Luxembourg financial industry together.

What makes us, us?

A common mission

Empowering excellence for regulation compliance and digital payments in Luxembourg

We value a culture in which each team’s performance is tangible and visible to all. To this end, we work with an OKR system that makes the individual tasks of each team and its members apparent and links them to the corporate strategy, our plans and our vision. The system ensures that goals and key results are identified and measured.


We seek excellence

and empower our clients to achieve it as well

We are expertise-focused

in developing and delivering tailor-made products for our clients

We improve by digitising

with a deep passion for building and innovating

We break the codes

and adapt flexibly to new requirements and circumstances

We are entrepreneurs-driven

rooted in dedication and commitment while being opportunistic and assertive


We design all our products, projects and companies around partnerships: we leverage joint commitments to speed up development and to quickly reach required size and scale. We do so both with the people that work for us and the companies we work with or for.

What it’s like to work for Finologee

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What the team thinks

“At Finologee, we leverage on issues we encounter to improve our products. As a finance and compliance manager, my outputs from the daily operations are direct inputs for the products developers. This makes my life and the one of our clients easier!”

Edgar Moussin
Finance & Compliance Manager

“At Finologee, we love to drive the future of digital finance. As a QA engineer I can count on a future-oriented tech stack to ensure the high quality of our products.”

Camila Almeida
Software Tester

The pillars on which we base our corporate culture

I think that the many talented people join our team for a reason. In fact, I am convinced that our corporate culture of growth, teamwork, positive attitude and ownership sets us apart.

Nadège Seet
Head of Finance, Administration and Human Resources

Delivering tech excellence

Building on the co-founders’ deep experience in building digital platforms, we are very proud of our unique tech stack of a collection of programming languages, software and tools that work together to build the next generation of digital products and solutions we create for the financial industry.

Developing cutting-edge applications is one thing, running them in a SaaS environment is another, especially if the SaaS environment is to encompass all the necessary aspects of a regulated financial sector institution. There are a variety of ways to set this up, starting with the architecture of the infrastructure, the processes to be set up, the security controls to be executed and documented, the reporting to regulators or clients, etc.

Georges Berscheid
Co-founder & CTO

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Technology stack




Allure Reporting


Spring Boot
IBM API Connect
API Manager
Keycloak IAM

Team tools

Jira / Bitbucket / Confluence / Trello
Intellij Idea

Team tools

Kubernetes / Docker
Prometheus / Grafana
Elastic Stack

Everyone in our tech team is doing interesting work from day one. Every day we solve new challenges with scaling, availability, data integrity, API design, and data visualisation.

We consider ourselves innovators, even disruptors, who thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Products & APIs

Building the next generation of digital ecosystems for the financial industry, we have built a full-fledged application programming interface (API) platform. Our trusted and versatile digital API platform serves as an “App” repository where financial institutions can easily source and implement components that have been previously verified by Finologee. The variety of applications relying on this platform are what we call the building blocks for digital finance. We both source the best international FinTech products and APIs and we create our own modules.

At Finologee, I have not only improved my tech skills, but also my knowledge of the financial industry.

András Thomann
DevSecOps Engineer and CISO

AWS, Kubernetes, Spring Boot, Angular, are some of the reasons why I joined the team.

Tiago Santos
Senior Software Engineer

As a testing engineer at Finologee, I do not feel like a simple “gatekeeper” anymore. Instead, we are all part of a big mechanism to deliver high quality products to our customers and it just feels like a well-functioning engine. I enjoy that.

Violetta Zhdanovich
Software Tester

Our Framework

Building software is incredibly complex and getting it right is difficult. We work with the right tools to keep us on track and support our development process in a meaningful way.

Scrum Methodology

We work with an agile project management framework: Scrum. We believe Scrum is a simple framework based on iterative development for effective team collaboration, within which our people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering solutions of the highest possible value.

CI/CD Pipeline

We work with software development practices of regularly integrating code changes into shared code repository and the ability to continuously deliver integrated code, be it bug fixes or new features, to production.