Who we are

Finologee is on a mission to build next generation digital ecosystems for the financial industry.

What we do

Technology is changing how people interact. How products and services are imagined, created and delivered. It is transforming and reshaping businesses, economies and life itself. Allowing us to bring together traditional Financial Institutions and new-age FinTechs in innovative and groundbreaking ways.

Technology moves fast. Luckily so do we. Because technology is what we do. And we’re here to help. Help to reinvent and accelerate businesses in the new digital reality. Help to create experiences that people want, and businesses need.

We are a Luxembourg homegrown FinTech and RegTech specialist and we run a trusted and versatile digital platform that simplifies connectivity between financial institutions and a variety of FinTech solution providers, essentially enabling an “App” repository for our institutional clients.

Discover our products

We design all our products, projects and companies around partnerships: we leverage joint commitments to speed up development and to quickly grow and scale. We do so both with the people that work with us and the companies we work with or for: a carefully built and designed partnership is the cornerstone to a successful and long-lasting project, product or collaboration.

PSD2 compliance for Banks.
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Central electronic data retrieval system compliance.
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Digital customer lifecycle management platform.
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Digital onboarding & identification outsourcing platform.
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logo FinologeeLYNKS

Banks & accounts management platform with API & web interface.
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A selection of our clients

“It is not only a great honour, but also fun to work with and alongside some of the most important players in the Luxembourg financial industry. In this way, we can contribute to writing the digital chapter of the Grand Duchy’s financial services industry.”

Raoul Mulheims
Co-founder & CEO

Where we come from

We are a group of three seasoned entrepreneurs. Finologee is our latest venture, but we’ve been at the forefront of digital for decades.

Over the last 25 years, we have launched a variety of digital initiatives both individually and as team.

Today, we continue to operate two strategic digital finance platforms in Luxembourg, built from scratch, Mpulse and Digicash.

The central SMS routing and micro-payments platform.
The Luxembourg bank’s mobile payment platform.

Our journey so far

Meet the team that makes it happen

Raoul Mulheims

Co-founder & CEO
Co-founder of Nvision, Mpulse, Digicash. In charge of strategy, product design and compliance. Law degree, fluent in EN, FR, DE and LU. Luxembourg national.

Georges Berscheid

Co-founder & CTO

Co-founder of Mpulse & Digicash. In charge of IT, products and operations. IT degree and MBA, fluent in EN, FR, DE and LU. Luxembourg national.

Jonathan Prince


Co-founder of Digicash. In charge of sales & partnerships. Procurement expert degree, fluent in EN and FR. French & British national.

Team facts

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We’re just a fun-loving bunch of naturally curious creative and technical folks. We serve clients around Luxembourg with outcome-focused strategic thinking in the digital finance space. As a team, we actively pursue our own projects and encourage each other to grow in the fields we’re passionate about.

Our office is packed with strategists, developers, entrepreneurs, divers, designers, travelers, football lovers, sci-fi junkies, bakers, analysts, musicians, storytellers, fashionistas, foodies, photographers, athletes, comedians, and other personalities.