Corporate culture

Satisfied, motivated and passionate employees are no coincidence. Rather, they are the result of a supportive corporate culture, in which team members feel valued and welcome. This is what we thrive for.

An excellent team
trumps everything else

We are convinced that the potential of digital finance can only be unlocked through ambitious teamwork of highly qualified experts and lived cooperation – our people and culture reflect this in every respect.
You are committed?want to thrive & grow together?are passionate?are curious?want to work in an entrepreneur-driven company?are a team player?are interested in digital finance?

Let's work together

Let's work together

Why you’ll love it here -
Benefits at Finologee

Personal development

Take ownership of your future

Develop your skills and your personality. You have discovered a course, programme or seminar that is interesting for your further growth? Inform and evaluate with your manager whether this is relevant, and you may get the expenses reimbursed. We also organise events where the team is always welcome to learn from the panellists, often also from the co-founder, about topics such as entrepreneurship in Luxembourg, the technological infrastructure or mentoring for start-ups.

Flex & recharge

We believe that the secret to high quality performance lies in giving team members both autonomy and flexibility. Relationships at Finologee are built on trust: We have core working hours and some hours beyond that, which you can arrange according to your personal schedule. The possibility to work remotely is of course also given (under certain conditions).

Attractive compensation

We benchmark our remuneration against other comparable companies in the ecosystem and have an intrinsic interest in ensuring that our remuneration fosters employee motivation.

Team development

Spending quality time together

Connecting beyond the workplace is an essential part of Finologee's team spirit. We love it when our teams come together to strengthen collaboration and personal bonds, celebrate successes and simply relax. Whether it's a happy restaurant visit, a rollercoaster ride at the local Schouberfouer funfair or our monthly ‘Thirsty Thursday' get-together, it’s not always just about work.

Building a team together

One of your friends is a perfect fit for the advertised position and would be a great addition to the team? Brilliant! You can benefit from our referral program.

Diverse & inclusive

We have +13 nationalities, +12 languages spoken and empower diversity in the team: among us are stargazing lovers, rugby players, singers, gardeners, cyclists and many more lovely characters - come and find your place too.

Work environment

High-end equipment for home and office

Your own new laptop with all the necessary programmes and add-ons. Headphones, ergonomic mouse, multiple screens, comfortable office chair - whatever you need, we have it.


We are based in Leudelange, Luxembourg. Luxembourg is among the top three financial centers in Europe. The country provides a favorable environment in terms of infrastructure, central geographic location, internationality, and tax. Not to mention, the startup ecosystem in Luxembourg is growing exponentially. Drawing on a long history of innovation, Luxembourg is committed to foster new ideas and companies, which makes it a perfect springboard to build digital businesses. Our offices are located in a business district in Leudelange, which is under constant development and hosts the two biggest Luxembourg insurance companies and one of the top 5 banks. It is very close to the city center, and has direct bus connections.

Modern office spaces

With office design having a major impact on employee happiness, productivity and creativity, our office space has recently been modernised. We have spacious, bright rooms, both shared and individual.

1. Cooperation
Our new offices and meeting rooms on the first floor of the building are dedicated to fostering collaboration and communication, and provide the perfect environment for the team to work together to develop and refine big ideas.
2. Concentration
Whenever we need a place to concentrate alone or in small groups, we can work in designated areas such as small meeting rooms, the alcove or the telephone booth.
3. Wellbeing

New and comfortable furniture, a kicker in the lounge area, a fully equipped kitchen with drinks, fruits and healthy snacks as well as our terrace are to allow team members to take short breaks to give their bodies and minds time to rest, recharge their batteries and to remain productive throughout the day.

Life at Finologee

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Easter egg cracking, April 2022
Breakfast get-together, May 2022
Festive Xmas dinner, December 2021
Inauguration celebration, June 2022
Photo Shoot, May 2022
Inauguration celebration, June 2022
Leisure time, May 2022
Inauguration celebration, June 2022
Product demo, April 2022
5th anniversary party with the team, May 2022

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